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Our Pastor's Weekly Message

World Wide Communion Sunday 

World Wide Communion Sunday is one of our Holy days…a Sunday that welcomes the world to Christ’s table.   

 Celebrated on the first Sunday of October, the hour is a recollection of the universal church gathered at tables around the globe in celebration of the presence of Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit....                                          (Pilgrim Church, Pastor Craig Schaub) 


When we gather at the communion table, we celebrate the core components that the ecumenical community agrees are manifest in the Communion meal, the Eucharist (the Greek word for 'giving thanks'). 


We name Holy Communion as an act of God's grace; an act of thanks for all God has done in creating and saving.  It is an act of remembering the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is the work of the Holy Spirit who prompts our remembering, our thanking, and our hoping. 

It is a family meal of nourishment, justice-seeking, and inclusion. 

It is an act that makes visible our future hope with God and all of God’s people.  The whole church gathered at the table as one is a powerful image. We recognize each and every one, loved and valued and accepted.  May God grace us in our prayers, music and words, and feasting.  If you'd like to bring a favorite loaf of bread on Sunday for the altar, loaves will be donated to the People to People Food Pantry.

Blessings,  Pastor Pam


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Public Access: 

Comcast 99

Verizon 36


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