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Earth Stewards

Caring for Creation in a Faith-filled Way


Introducing "Earth Stewards," a partnership of Maple Street Church and the Danvers Interfaith Partnership (DIP). Please see our Facebook page by clicking here.


An enthusiastic group of folks from MSC, DIP, and the wider community have begun meeting to learn, share knowledge and take action for the environment.  

Here’s a look at some of our efforts and discussions:


- Peak power use and energy savings at home

- Elimination of the use of single-use plastic bags; Earth Stewards worked hard to pass the plastic bag ban in Danvers and continues to educate the public on "reuse and recycle" efforts.

- Improving the sustainability of the physical plant at MSC and other buildings.

- Education about choices we can make; homes, traffic, cars, using/supporting public transportation, idling vehicles, etc.

- All about solar power installations

- Re-using, restoring, recycling, choosing the best packaging, etc.

- Ocean acidification and temperature rise

- Composting; why and how

- Interfaith awareness of environmental issues

What is the UCC doing about environmental issues?


- Non-Partisan advocacy on environmental issues.

- Partnering with other environmental advocacy groups.

Generally, our meetings are at MSC monthly September through May, and other times as necessary.


Join us to learn and take action! For more information email us at or through our Earth Stewards Danvers Facebook page.

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