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Our Pastor's Weekly Message

Jesus’ Preparation
This week we celebrate Palm Sunday, the one day a year when we really acknowledge how desperate and confused we are. We are filled with hope and fear all at the same time, and we turn to God and to one another, never really sure which emotions we will project. Even with all our preparations and attempts, we will fall short. We will be left feeling hungry. We still need God. We have journeyed through our Lenten worship series, Let Love Rise, following each week through the steps of baking bread, with each step representing our own spiritual preparation. This week, as we come to the final step of baking and finishing with fire, we see clearly that the focus is on Jesus and his preparation to be, to give, and to share the Bread of Life. He entered the city, each step bearing all the hopes and fears of humanity; each step making him more ready. Join us on Sunday to pick up palms, to shout “Hosanna!” and to Let Love Rise. 
Wednesday blessings, Pastor Pam


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