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Our Pastor's Weekly Message

Psalm 104 From Nan Merrill’s Psalms for Praying 
Bless the Radiant One, O my soul! 
O Heart of my heart, You are so very great! 
You are clothed with justice and mercy, arrayed in 
Light as your fine attire. You stretch over the heavens 
like a tent, your Radiance covering the waters; You shine 
through the clouds, and ride on the wings of the wind; 
The wind, like the Breath of Life, carries your Word, 
Fire refines the dross of our souls. You set the earth on 
its foundations, strong and secure. You covered it with 
the deep like a garment, with many waters that life might 
come forth. Together: Praise the Creator of the Universe! 
Bless the Heart of my heart, O my soul! Amen.
Peace,  Pastor Pam


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