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90 Maple Street

Danvers, MA 01923

(978) 774-4510

The Maple Street Congregational Church Nursery School offers a pre-school program for children 2.9 – 5 years old.


The Maple Street Nursery School is a non-profit,

non-denominational, fully licensed facility, all of our teachers are EEC Qualified and certified in first aid and CPR.


For more information or to register contact: 

Lynne Hathaway, Director

Phone: (978) 774-4510

My Classroom Connection—a web based tool is updated on a daily basis to keep parents connected and informed.

The experienced staff work together to create an atmosphere wherein each child is stimulated to grow creatively, emotionally, physically and socially.  This is done through a developmentally appropriate program of activities. We offer art, music, science, language and motor development.  We give our students time to grow, room to explore, opportunity to experiment and time to play.

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