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Weddings at Maple Street Church

Click here for the Maple Street Church wedding booklet

Church Coordinator – Lynne Duffill  Home (978-774-7344)
Lead Minister – Rev. Pamela Cochrane
Minister of Pastoral Care – Rev. Douglas Vooys


This booklet has been prepared to help you as you make your wedding plans. There are many details for you to consider, so we have tried here to deal with those questions which are asked most frequently. This booklet is the result of many years of experience with weddings at Maple Street Church. It is designed to be helpful to you so that your wedding will be a meaningful and beautiful occasion.


The wedding ceremony is, in reality, a worship service of the Church. It is both a solemn and a joyful celebration as, before God and the members of the congregation, you make your vows of love and faithfulness to each other. It is a sacred event. As you deal with the details of your wedding, you should not lose sight of its spiritual significance. If the details are well planned, you will be able to approach the sacred hour in which you make your vows in a relaxed and receptive spirit.


The sanctuary and the chapel are available for wedding ceremonies, both for members and non-members of the Church. Seating capacity for the sanctuary is about 400, and for the chapel about 90. Chapel invitations should read: “The Chapel, Maple Street Congregational Church.” The street address of the church is 90 Maple Street.


The date and time of the wedding should be cleared with the church office as soon as it is known. An appointment should be made for the bride and groom to meet with the officiating minister about two months before the wedding date. Together you can determine the date and time of a rehearsal, if one is needed. Rehearsals usually take place in the late afternoon or early evening on the day before the wedding. Be sure that rehearsal time is such that all members of the wedding party can be present and on time. Allow about one hour for the rehearsal.


The use of alcoholic beverages is absolutely not allowed anywhere in the Church building or on the grounds. Also note, we do not allow the use of aisle runners. An elevator for handicapped accessibility is available, contact Lynne Duffill directly for any special needs or requests.



Floral arrangements for the sanctuary or chapel are the responsibility of the bride and her family. Flowers delivered by a florist can be brought directly to the Church. The time of delivery should be checked with the church office to ensure the church is open to receive them.



Any questions which may arise should be discussed with the Director or the Assistant Director of Music. Choice of processional and recessional music can be made during a consultation time with the Director or the
Assistant Director of Music.


The Assistant Director of Music is available for all weddings at Maple Street Church. The Director may elect, when appropriate, to secure a replacement. If you wish to invite a soloist or instrumentalist to
participate in the wedding service, you should consult with the officiating minister to determine where special music will fall in the service. The vocalist/instrumentalist should consult with the Director of Music in advance of the wedding date if rehearsal time is needed.


The photographer is permitted to take flash pictures in the narthex of the sanctuary or chapel before the procession and at the end of the ceremony. No flash pictures may be taken during the ceremony since experience has proven that pictures taken at this time detract greatly from the service. The wedding party may return to the chancel after the service for pictures in the service setting.


Videotaping of the ceremony, from the balcony or narthex of the
sanctuary or chapel, is permitted, provided that no light attachments are used. Available light is sufficient for this purpose.



The marriage license, which may be secured from the clerk of a town or city in Massachusetts, should be given to the officiating minister at the rehearsal. Under no circumstances can the marriage ceremony begin until the minister has the license.


Because of additional time and overhead costs associated with each wedding, it is necessary for the Church to charge the following fees which cover the organist, coordinator, and use of the sanctuary or chapel. Rehearsal time is covered by these fees.

Sanctuary Wedding
Contributing Members and immediate family: $350
Non-members: $750

Chapel Wedding
Contributing Members and immediate family: $350
Non-members: $550


Maple Street Church Clergy: $300

All Weddings:
Church Coordinator: $200
Organist: $275


All fees are payable at the time of the rehearsal. Pre-payment may be arranged. A $50.00 non-refundable deposit is due at the time the date is reserved. The $50 will be subtracted from the total fee.


Please make the checks out to the individuals separately:

Clergy-- Rev. Pamela Cochrane or Rev. Douglas Vooys
Church Coordinator-- Lynne Duffill
Organist--- Ji Hye Jung
Sanctuary/Chapel Fee-- Maple Street Congregational Church


Please click here for our wedding contract.

Questions? Email Church Office at

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