Pastor's Weekly Message - July 8, 2020

What’s in a blessing?

This week on Sunday we’ll continue in our ongoing study of Genesis where we’ll dig into the story about the birth of Esau and Jacob, Rebekah and Isaac’s  twin sons.

To say that they had a conflictual relationship, rooted in sibling rivalry would be quite an understatement. Part of their conflict we come to understand has to do with the blessing and birthright of the eldest, Esau, is to receive.

In this case, birth order is important-and it’s the root of resentment.

This issue doesn’t settle well with Jacob that he fails to receive a blessing and birthright because he was born second. He becomes rather deceptive as he manipulates the situation to absconded with his brother’s birthright and eventual blessing of his father.

So, what is in a blessing? It was said to me years ago that there is something powerful in receiving a blessing from a parent. A person who missed the opportunity of being blessed by their parent, could be found to be searching for that approval…for a blessing is almost a rite of passage. If there was the death of a parent or broken relationship, or lack of approval for one’s life choices that absence of a blessing is difficult to make up.

At times I hear of this in personal stories, as individuals speak of their parents, of feeling as though they don’t, or didn’t ever measure up to a parents’ expectation. And, maybe, in our story, Father Isaac loved Esau so much that Jacob naturally felt like he was left out…who knows?

As children of God, I believe there are times we question if we measure up to the “perfection” that God wants or demands from us. Or, the perfection we believe God expects? We may think that we are not worthy of the blessings that God so freely gives.

But the truth is, God’s “best work” occurs within the mess of who we are. He loves us regardless of the image of perfection we’ve contrived in our own minds. We often fail to see ourselves through God’s eyes, which reveal our belovedness. Our vision of ourselves typically magnifies the faults and failures and not the blessedness found within God’s sight.

Daily let us strive to see ourselves through God’s eyes of grace and blessing.

Wishing you Peace in this day, Pastor Douglas

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