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Our Pastor's Weekly Message
November 29, 2023

Present to Advent

The season of Advent begins this Sunday.  The day not only marks the beginning of a new church year but the invitation to once again reflect on the coming of Christ to the world.  We will revisit the story of Jesus' birth as told through the ages.  And, our theme "Present to Advent" will invite us to explore beyond the birth, and even beyond Jesus' life, death and resurrection to this present moment of expectancy as Christmas approaches and the reign of God is made fully manifest. Come and hear the prophet's calling and the Gospel's message that "love came down on Christmas, and the angels sing...  

                       When God is a child, there's joy in our song.

                  The last shall be first, and the weak shall be strong,
                                     And none shall be afraid.

Pastor Pam

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