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Our Pastor's Weekly Message
April 10, 2024

Pass the Peace

There are several sightings of Jesus after the dawn of resurrection day.  In the Gospel of Luke, while the disciples are huddled together trying to make sense of all that has happened, Jesus appears among them and says to them, "Peace Be With You."  (Luke 24:26)   Their response wasn't exactly peace, rather "they were startled and terrified."   It took time for joy and calm to come to them and even then disbelief lingered.  How do we trust in the peace of Christ that lies at the center of our faith?  Do you need to see to believe or can you trust in the peace of Christ that is passed from one to another.  The sign we are invited to greet each other with is "peace!"  Peace be with you! 

Come and join in worship and fellowship, so that we might break open scripture together.  Pastor Pam

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