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Our Pastor's Weekly Message
July 10, 2024

Go and Do Likewise

What's on your to-do-list?  Sometimes we stack the list so deep we can't even

begin because we are overwhelmed from the start.   Most of the time we simply focus on checking off the tasks as we go.  Buy milk, check.  Mail bills, check. 

Call mom, check.  Clean bathroom, check.  Mow the lawn, clear out the garage, wash the cars, walk the dogs, put out the trash, weed the garden, water the plants.  Most of the time the generic list does not require much interaction with others.  And, maybe that's why we don't like to-do-lists.   What if the list wasn't about the tasks but the way of going about the day with just three things in mind: be faithful, love mercy and walk humbly. That just might change how the day goes. Pretty sure, we can still manage to get done the things that need to get done with or without a list.   Very sure, we will be a blessing to ourselves and others along the way.  peace this day,  Pastor Pam


What does God require of us?  Do justice and to love kindness

    and to walk humbly with your God!  Micah 6:8

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